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Prince of Peace

Al Rodee wants to have a Hali love-in

Some say Halifax is on of the most dangerous cities in Canada. One man is hoping to change that, and while he’s at it, make Halifax the most positive city on earth. Al Rodee is a full-time practitioner of an alternative healing method called “Emotional Freedom Techniques,” a therapeutic practice that aims at releasing emotional and physical ailments by talking and performing needle-free acupuncture.

These days, Rodee is doing a lot more than healing people’s emotional woes. He wants to gather 10,000 people in the Halifax Common on June 18 to do something that is, in essence, fairly simple: to be in the feeling of peace.

“I want to gather 10,000 people or more together, all feeling each other’s peaceful energy,” says Rodee. “And projecting that onto the population of the whole in order to positively impact crime statistics.”

Rodee hopes to form a committee in January to examine crime statistics in Nova Scotia over the past few years. This committee will be revisiting these results and comparing them to those of the two weeks following the event on June 18.

If the gathering induces enough peacefulness in the province and crime stats show a significant decrease, Rodee thinks someone should look at his experience on a practical and analytical level.

“Maybe we don’t need to spend more money on jails, maybe we don’t need to spend more money on policing, maybe we just need to love each other a little more,” says Rodee. “For me, I don’t want this to turn into some sort of airy fairy thing about stopping the war, end poverty, because it’s too nebulous.”

The event is planned for June 18 but still requires city permits. Rodee hopes to tie in a few guest lectures from prominent luminaries from around the globe via internet. Guests could include Wayne Dire, author and motivational speaker and the Dalai Lama. For more information on Rodee’s dreams, visit

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