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Peter Lund
Bianca Müller

2012 grade: D
2011 grade: C-
2010 grade: D
2009 grade: C

Peter Lund is an inoffensive guy who mostly muddles through without much bothering anyone. In normal times, that's not a bad quality to have---he typically gets C grades, just for not breaking any of the crystal.

But these aren't normal times. The past year has called for decisive action, not Lund's aw-shucks demeanor. Lund managed to be absent for the Kelly censure vote, and hasn't taken issue with Kelly on anything since. Without really explaining himself, he voted to move the Skye proposal forward, and continued to support a stadium way past the point where it became obvious it was destined to fail.

He did vote against selling the St. Pat's-Alexandra site for development, but only vaguely so.

We're convinced there's more to Lund than meets the eye, that he has good ideas and some well-founded opinions, but he just doesn't seem to have the energy or drive to bring them forward in any meaningful way. It's too bad, really.

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