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Outside the Lines Moving Down the Street

After four-and-a-half years, the Outside The Lines: Books For Critical Minds (6297 Quinpool, 422-3544) bookstore is picking up its political texts, guides, children's books, quality fiction and free-thinking tomes, and moving a few doors east, to the former location of Kung Fu T-Shirts. "My lease was almost up, the building was sold, there was a rent increase," says owner Bob Haywood, offering reasons for the change of address. "The usual sorts of things." In our hazy memory of the t-shirt and kitch shop that was Kung Fu, it seemed a lot smaller than the current location of Outside The Lines. Not so, says Haywood. "They had it divided up. They had lots of stuff. You'd be amazed." It turns out the new location is actually 400 to 500 square feet larger, space that Haywood plans to fill with even more books. Outside The Lines will close its doors March 28 and reopen at 6265 Quinpool April 1.

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