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Oddjects appear on Barrington

New cafe and home accessories concept arrives

It seems odd that even though most of the product available is sourced in Southeast Asia, the new shop has a distinctly classy European feel. That may carry over from the former tenants of this Starfish Property, Peepshow Girly Boutique, or it could be the inspiration of Eric Claus, who co-owns Oddjects (1717 Barrington Street, 405-7007), also known as ODJ, with his partner. He comes from the corporate world---Claus was CEO of grocery chain A&P---but decided to try this new thing, a cafe and a home accessory store, here in Halifax. With business associates in Singapore, they order directly house and kitchenwares from that part of the world---taking care to make sure the factory conditions are good---and sell them here at a reasonable price. And the coffee, from Italian coffeemaker Illy, is excellent---the cafe also offers muffins, quiche and cookies. Also impotrant to note is that for sale are paintings from Nova Scotia artists. As for choosing the Barrington location, “I think it really fits the mood of the store,” says Claus. “The high ceilings and all the brick work. It’s a little more funky and trendy. Foot traffic is really good.” Claus has plans for the operation, with new stores opening in Toronto and Manhattan in 2011. We’re impressed he chose the flagship for Halifax. “People have taste here,” he says. “If we were in Manitoba, it wouldn’t work.” For more information on what they offer, visit the website: oddjects.ca.
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