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Dear Lezlie Lowe,

Let me get this straight: you find Crocs offensive ("Lowedown," July 6), but you love to see grown, hairy, sweaty men walk around in assless ch-aps ("Lowedown," July 20)?

About Crocs you said, "But for god's sake, people, will you have a little self-respect and stop wearing them in public?" But then you said, "bring on the buttless chaps if that's what floats your boat...celebrating who you are."

So, I can't wear comfortable, fun footwear around my city, even if they "float my boat," but a gay man can wander around in nothing more than a leather banana hammock, and that would be perfectly OK with Ms. Lowe. Wow—what a croc that is!

Get some fashion sense Ms. Lowe, and stop telling people that it's OK to wear things you like around our fair city, but that the thousands of people who have Crocs should not leave the house wearing them. How about all the girls running around this city wearing pyjama pants? But who am I to tell people how to dress—I don't work for The Coast!

By R.Keeling

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