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OKAY. Could Naphtali BE any more beautiful? And for that matter, any more perfect for Youlookfiiine? I saw that horse scarf waving in the wind on Spring Garden Road and couldn’t keep myself from yelling "Excuse me!"

Luckily for me, she was into it. Most of the people I stop are interested—you can tell by whether or not a person is dressed if they would or wouldn’t be into getting their photograph taken for a streetstyle blog. I have had a few surprise "nos," of course, and, man, am I happy Naphtali wasn’t one of ‘em. Anyway, enough about me. Naphtali is a freelance makeup artist who also does a lil’ moonlighting at MAC Cosmetics. She likes to shop chez Sweet Pea, Zara and H&M and Naphtali lets her mood inspire her style. Her favorite piece of clothing is a cream colored dress she bought from Zara. She says she feels beautiful in this dress no matter the season, no matter the event and no matter the company. Now THAT’s a great dress.

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