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Play their music, not the worship game

Alison Lang's Metric article ("Measuring Metric's success," April 8) calls Emily Haines a goddess, a bitch, a siren, maybe a visionary. I think Emily Haines is one of these things: a bitch.

Lang had a bad interview with Haines go sour due to Haines' bad attitude, yet Lang proceeds to blame herself and kiss Haines' feet. This is not behaviour unknown to Metric fans; indeed, most that I know feel that Haines is a complete jerk, and excuse it completely without blinking. It makes me a little sick, especially when I read things like: "Canada's erstwhile queen of cool is as susceptible to pain and disappointment as anyone else."

Don't get me wrong: Lang didn't have much to work with, and she had to write an article. Furthermore, there are plenty of awesome rock stars that are complete pricks and still super-cool.

Maybe it's personal: About two years ago, when Metric first played the Cunard Centre, we arrived early enough that we caught Haines outside while no one was there. My girlfriend at the time was decked out in as much Metric merch as you can imagine, and approached her to say how huge of a fan she was. Haines' response? "Sorry, we have a soundcheck." Didn't even slow down to say it. The next day, when I wrote an email to Metric to voice my disapproval of her actions, I discovered that their fanmail inbox was too full and my message couldn't be delivered.

Of course Emily Haines is sad. She's a spoiled brat who doesn't realize how good she's got it. The point is: Even I still listen to Metric for their music, but Emily Haines is just some chick in some band, not an icon. Can we please stop with the blind worship?—Justin M. Wiles, Halifax

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