Mary Wile | City | Halifax, Nova Scotia | THE COAST

2010 grade: F
2009 grade: D
2008 grade: D
2007 grade: C+

“Most of most of the time Wile is simply in over her head,” I wrote in last year’s report card. “She’s confused, she loses the conversation, she doesn’t understand what’s going on.” Since then, Wile’s shortcomings have slid from “most of the time” down to “all of the time.”

Still, I was tempted to be kind to the nice confused woman, and give her another D. But then Wile became an enthusiastic supporter of “tax reform” (which, if passed, would have added hundreds of dollars to the rent bill of the many apartment dwellers along Lacewood Drive in her district) and gave a long, disjointed speech on why the public should be kept in the dark about council appointments to boards and commissions.

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