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Lorelei Nicoll
Bianca Müller

2012 grade: C-
2011 grade: C
2010 grade: C
2009 grade: C-

Lorelei Nicoll voted for removing the Hydrostone from the north end BID, but against the sale of St. Pat's-Alexandra. She voted in support of both the stadium and setting a hearing for the Skye project.

"We could do a hell of a lot worse than Nicoll,"� we wrote last year. "But she's reactive rather than proactive, more provoked than provoking, and neither much inciting nor insightful. The course of events is running Nicoll, rather than the other way around."�

Nothing much has changed in the assessment, except another year has passed, and big moral and ethical issues came across the council plate and Nicoll didn't take a swing. To be sure, she’s losing in grading for the collective action of council, but she owns as much of that as anyone else.

Nicoll did have one big success: She organized community opposition to the re-districting plan approved by council, which split Cole Harbour between three adjoining districts. The UARB listened to that opposition and redrew the district boundaries so as to keep Cole Harbour as one distinct district.

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