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Letters to the editor, July 12, 2018

These are the letters and comments from the print edition.

Seeing Cleary now

Councillor Shawn Cleary's attack on the credentials of journalists such as Tim Bousquet or Philip Moscovitch is pure distraction—more bait and switch ("Educating Shawn Cleary about journalism," Opinionated piece by Philip Moscovitch, June 28). As Bousquet summarizes: "The bottom line is that Cleary ran a campaign explicitly in opposition to Armco's Willow Tree development, then utterly changed his position once his buddy Joachim Stroink was hired to lobby on Armco's behalf." We're lucky we have journalists who ferret out stories like this and try to keep some level of transparency and accountability in a city where pay-to-play is too often the name of the game. Thanks for good ferreting. Peggy Cameron, Halifax

Let me see if I have Cleary's argument right. Journalists should have a degree in journalism from an accredited institution, because what they do can—and often does—have significant impact upon large portions of the population. But politicians who, inarguably, have more influence and impact upon the public than journalists are required to have no such bona fides. Did I get that right? —posted at thecoast.ca by Terry Bell

So if they don't have to go to school, who is going to teach them journalistic ethics? Sorry, but there are too many people writing who do not follow some of the basic ethics of Journalism 101. I agree with Cleary to a point—if you are going to call yourself a journalist you should have some credentials, otherwise you should just label yourself as a citizen opinion writer! posted by gargramel

Keep speech free

As an expat who comes home to Halifax from North Carolina about twice a year, I encounter both good and bad things about my home town when I visit. This year two things showed me that Halifax and her people are not what we used to be. First thing was the protestors against the United States Marine Band, who just tried to get a picture taken when the local cadre of SJWs show up and scream them out because, you know, Trump. All the while, Haligonians just stood by and allowed visitors to be harassed and verbally abused and didn't say a word. What happened to standing up for our visitors? (Editor's note: It's true that a CTV reporter spread news about a protest against the band, but CTV later admitted the reporting was inaccurate. Our story about the situation—"UPDATED: False outrage over this past weekend's Marine Band protest," by Jacob Boon, posted July 4 at thecoast.ca—gives Haligonians their due).

Secondly, a letter to the editor by Timonthée B in The Coast said freedom of speech should have limits ("Free speech limit," Reply all, June 28). I've heard it before, but it just reminds me that Canadians are bit by bit losing freedom and liberty with no idea of the consequences, and are good with it. Freedom of speech shouldn't have limits, because who determines those limits? You honestly want a government to decide what is good and bad speech, which is going to depend on who is in office and their plan for Canadians? Sorry but no, there should be NO free speech limit.

Rory Flood, Monroe, North Carolina

Over the Boon

Once again we see that Jacob Boon's writing is filled with false statements, outright lies and that he leaves out key facts. This has been proven over and over again. Does The Coast support this or will you finally let him go? Instead of being silent, The Coast needs to publicly take a stand. Coco Sobon-Jabot, Halifax

Jacob Boon responds: Look, I'm sorry but it really did look like the agave plant was good and dead.

Hear me, hear me

I am concerned for our environment in many ways. In my own province the forest, including old growth, is harvested to generate electricity. Also, Northern Pulp plans to dump 70 million litres of effluent into the Northumberland Strait. I encourage our federal government to make positive adjustments to the Canadian Environmental Protection Act as soon as possible. Bluenose, Halifax

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