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Letters to the editor, April 21, 2016

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Garbage can 101

Can The Coast please write an article about what a garbage can is used for and how to recognize one?  Based on the amount of litter in our area, the general public is sadly lacking in this knowledge. —Carolyn Pineau, Cole Harbour

Editor's note: Garbage cans, green boxes, blue bags, paper vs plastic...it gets pretty confusing when you're trying to be a good partner in the city's waste management efforts. But things are simple for would-be litter bugs. The street, sidewalk, path or field is never where your trash goes. Class dismissed. For an advanced course on recycling, turn to page 13.

For Kristin

I live in Tofino, BC and am close friends of Kimberly Johnston, the sister and best friend of Kristin Johnston, who was recently slain in her home in Halifax. I am doing everything I can to help support Kim and her husband, Cameron, their one-year-old daughter and baby number two on the way. Our community has started a GoFundMe to help keep Cameron home for a time with his grieving wife without worrying about finances, and to provide them more opportunity for counselling and other services. Please share the link to the campaign—gofundme.com/bgwgrugk—to your side of the country. I know that Kristin had become very immersed in the community out there, and I'm sure our grieving friends here could find some support there. —Deanna Lankin, Tofino, BC

What is Stephen McNeil missing?

Premier McNeil: I can take the lying. The personal attacks on the film industry. I can take the spin your bagmen and puppet-masters are providing you. I can take the politics. But your CBC interview this morning hit a new low. SHAME ON YOU for using the health of children and health-care waiting lists to mislead the public yet once again on the film industry. If you had any shred of decency you would resign and crawl back into the cesspool you emerged from. —Rob Grani, Halifax

I apologize for my "Shame on you Mr. Premier" email. No excuse, I am sorry.

The new Nova Scotia Film and Television Production Incentive Fund has faults ("Quiet on the set," cover story by Michael Lake, April 14). Once these are fixed, the fund has the potential of opening up the entire province to film work. The sooner the proposed changes are made, and we get back to work, the sooner the province reaps the benefits.

All countries, states and provinces that have viable film industries have some form of government credit or incentive to lure production (including Hollywood!). They work basically the same way: The work is completed and an audit of the expenses is performed. In Nova Scotia's case, only money spent on Nova Scotian labour, goods and services qualify for the incentive. There is no upfront subsidy.

As Michael Lake explained, to a large extent our incentive fund is modelled on Alberta's. Alberta and Nova Scotia annually set aside money for film, the difference being if the budget estimate is exceeded, Alberta does not turn away further eligible productions. In Nova Scotia, once the fund is exceeded, the government has the option to not fund production.Nova Scotia is saying "We won't guarantee that the money will be there, even if you have met all the marks required under the guidelines." This is the uncertainty that is keeping productions away.

Let's say, worst case, the old tax credit and/or the new incentive fund are revenue neutral—neither earning nor costing the province anything. The incentive still provides employment for a couple of thousand people. The province benefits from having creative workers employed in good-paying jobs with benefits and paying taxes.

We are a net benefit to the province in so many ways. The changes asked for are minimal—and reasonable, according to business minister Furey. If the will and position of the government doesn't change, the next get-together of film workers will be at the welfare office. —Rob Grani, Halifax

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