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Dear Coast Editor;I've watched from afar, with great dissapointment, our city council expropriate people's land in order to enact an absurdly myopic transportation plan on Chebucto road. I had hoped that council might listen to the overwhelming public outrage on the issue, but that hope is waning, and it seems likely that the project will go ahead in the coming weeks. Especially unsettling is the lack of transparency surrounding how this came about -nobody seems to know exactly who, on council, voted for this- that's why I'm writing to thank you for publishing a definitive list of councillors' votes on your "Reality Bites" web-page, this kind of information should be more widely available.The good people who worked so hard to prevent this project are bound to be dissapointed -we lost the battle- but there is broader conflict to be waged, a struggle to rid our city leadership of the ineptitude and callousness that made this happen and inject socially conscientious sustainability into our municipal planning.We owe it to our city to continue this fight, and we can measure our successes in this conflict by counting how many of these councillors are removed from office at the next election.

By Brendan Osberg

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