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Nova Scotia born, Donna Dillman, is a grandmother who has refused food for 65 days in an effort to stop uranium drilling in Eastern Ontario. Until two weeks ago she was camped out at the exploration site located between Kingston and Ottawa. She then moved to the steps of Queen's Park, where she remained.

Having waited ten days for Premier McGuinty to meet his commitment to get back to her on the fact that 80% of Canada's uranium is exported, and that we don't need low grade uranium from upriver of Ottawa in order to "keep the lights on in Ontario," if he has not called a moratorium or an inquiry by Tues., noon, Dillman will cut all nourishment and go to water only.

Once disturbed, uranium is a serious risk to those downstream (in this case her children and grandchildren, and approx a people living in Ottawa) and those not yet born. When dealing with one of the most serious matters on the planet, drastic measures become necessary.

Dillman will remain at the Ontario legislature every day until it recesses._________________________________________________________________


She has been successful in her efforts to draw attention to this issue and in the last four days before the legislature recesses for the holidays, we are calling for everyone’s assistance. One last letter, to help the premier understand that there are an incredible number of people who care about those not yet born and about the planet on which we depend.

Please call, (email or fax) Premier McGuinty this week:

Tel 416-325-1941Fax 416-325-3745

to send an electronic message… http://www.premier.gov.on.ca/feedback/default.asp

Lynn DanilukUranium Newshttp://www.ccamu.ca1-613-267-0539Donna can be reached at 416-274-9980

By Donna Dillman, Musquodoboit born

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