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Ok,I was inclined to write this letter because I am getting sick of the Halifax School Board's FLECs division(Adult High School basically) treating adults like junior high school kids.This semester(There are 4 in a year),they instituted a couple of insulting parameters to make the schooling more 'enjoyable' and yet serious.One of these things is to give out paper 'awards' to those who do really well in their classes(like this is kindergarden or something).I mean seriously,paper golden tickets.What is this,Willy Wonka's Chocolate factory/Gimme a break.Another grand idea was that everyone needs a doctors note or some other official peice of paper to validate absensces and excuses.This is suppose to be ADULT EDUCATION,so treat us like adults.Some of us have commitments that no note or letter from anyone is gonna be available to us,like our kids.But the majority of the people in this adult atmosphere are barely out of able to be called adults.Drinking,socializing,pot smoking and hanging out are more important to them than trying to get their education,so the rest of us suffer and start getting treated like children because of these ingrates.Now I'm sure a lot of them are trying to get their education,and I commend them for it,but don't bring your dramma and socializing mouths to school.If u don't wanna be there to learn,GTFO.Plain and simple.Adults needing doctors notes?Doesnt work at our jobs,why do we need it when trying to get an education we couldn't/didn't get the first time.Gimme a breakIts Adult Education,not junior high,so treat us adults(those over 20 who are there with a purpose that is important to us) accordingly.And as far as the idea that they took a census in order to hammer out these new rules.They never asked me!

By Flecs Vet

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