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My mother, only 74, dying of cancer for the last year and half , voiced how broken-hearted she was everyday about the cruelty of society. She was so disheartened by the the Iraq war, global warming, the darfur crisis, teenage swarmings, the dishonesty of governments,the indifference young people showed to their elders, etc.It was like she was taking the whole world on her shoulders. You see, mom didn't know how cruel the world could be. She brought up 10 kids lacking in luxuries, but overflowing in love. She shared our "wealth" with all our friends we brought home and by some miracle there was always enough of everything to go around. So on the nite of july 29, not knowing this would be my last conversation with my mom, she again expressed how the 'world' scared her with all it"s cruely. I realize now it frightened her no matter how much I tried to reassure that there was still good in this world. She died suddenly the next day. Please when you read this, in honor of my mother Mary and your own loved ones recently departed, do a "good, kind act" today or tomorrow in their honor, so that as they look down on humanity, maybe in the afterlife , they can still feel hope.Kathy

By Kathy

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