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I, ROBIN HODGSON , hereby make this Story in connection with my medical condition and my wife’s immigration to Canada.


I underwent Entry Medical examination for the Naval Reserve with Commander Holland (PMO). It was discovered that I had a hernia. This was repaired at Camp Hill Hospital. I then completed the Naval Reserve program, equivalent to General Military Training Part One, which is physically demanding.


I was employed as a heavy duty/industrial cleaner at the YWCA. I suffered a hernia while lifting a floor polisher, which was diagnosed by Doctor G Stewart of the Cole Harbor Family Medical Center. I was referred to Doctor Murdoch, who performed this surgery.The surgery did not go well as I suffered complications resulting in severe pain. The YWCA was not in the Workmen’s Compensation program; so I was not entitled to any Benefits. I applied to Human Resources Canada for benefits and re-training letter from Dr Stewart in relation to my ability to continue work as a cleaner. I was therefore faced with a career change, obtained a student loan and enrolled at McKenzie College in the computer animation program.


My condition continued to deteriorate to the stage where Doctors Stewart and Murdoch decided that corrective surgery was necessary Also note his statement regarding the theorythat there are nerves entrapped. This disrupted my school year and forced me to take a supplemental. This surgery was not able to solve my pain problem. I found my physical capacities severely reduced. For example I cannot lift a five-pound bag of potatoes, nor can I walk for any great distance; neither can I climb stairs. Sitting for in excess of twenty minutes causes such pain that I can only find relief by lying down for at least an hour. Dr Stewart referred to Dr Finlayson in an attempt to control the pain, but to no avail. I was then sent to the Pain Clinic


I was seen by the Pain Clinic, and am still waiting to hear from them. I did take part in a test for a new painkiller which they were researching, but I was unaware as to whether I had been given the actual drug or the placebo, I decided to stop taking it, for I didn’t feel any real significant change. And as far as I was aware it was the experimental part of their section, of the actual function of the Pain Clinic

Doctor Kinnear took over Doctor Stewart’s patients, when he sold his Practice. I started to see Doctor Kinnear as a patient, for Doctor Stewart was my doctor before Doctor Kinnear. I tried to explain what was going on with my infliction, she didn't seem receptive to what I was telling her. On 19th December 2000, I had an appointment with Doctor Kinnear, when I told her about the pain and the incision leaking and she remarked to me "I think you think about it too much" and did not examine me. She suggested that I see a psychologist from mental health.I asked her to get back to me regarding this, but she never did. So I started to look for another Doctor, since I had lost faith in Doctor Kinnear.


I started seeing Doctor Michalik at the Water View Health Center in approximately January 2001. Again I tried explaining what was going on with me. He appeared not to listen to a single thing I had told him. He also thought I should see a psychologist pending his findings. I had an opportunity in April of 2001 to go up to Toronto to see my brother and his family, as they were getting ready to move to Singapore. I arrived before nine o’clock on 17th April 2001 at the Shouldice Hospital to see one of the doctors. They kindly allowed me even without an appointment. They did find something wrong.I told the doctors withwhom I spoke what had been going on with the doctors here, as well the trapped nerves discovered by Doctor Stewart. The doctors that examined me did say, “There is nothing we can do about your old pain”. I had to set up a date for another operation on 8th July. When I came back fromOntario I visited the Pain Clinic again and showed them the report from Shouldice. They were argumentative. My father, Mike Hodgson, said that the medical community had let me down, and the person said “I know, I know”. I visited Doctor Michalik on 22nd April at approximately 11:25. It was short notice. I did raise a concern about trying to get an antibiotic, in case of infection, because of the leaking it had been doing in the past, but he did agree even after I had evidence there was some thing wrong, I showed him the document from the Shouldice Hospital, he did ask me how come I wouldn’t have it done here, I told him that I had lost faith with the doctors down here, and asked for a Doctor from one of the Hospitals to have a look. I refused because of the report from the Doctors at Shouldice. From his reaction he didn’t like what I had done, and from what I saw and became even more unco-operative towards me.I started to go to yet another Doctor, for I found no satisfaction in the others I had been to, for very good reasons. Doctor Saban Singh was my current Doctor at that time. My first appointment was on 14th May 2001, when I gave him some personal letters that I requested from Doctor Murdoch and Doctor G Stewart, as well as the report from the Shouldice Hospital along with a form from disability. I thought that Doctor Singh had filled out the report, however my Social Worker was asking about the disability forms, so therefore I made a phone call to Doctor Singh’s office on Thursday 15th December at approximately 12:00. He said “I thought I gave that back to you”, yet I never received it from him. So I called him back on Monday the 18th December, when the Doctor’s Secretary told me that he would like to see me. I then asked whether I needed to make an appointment for that, to which she said “No”, so I asked my father to drive me down to Doctor Singh’s offices and I waited to be seen, There were a few people in front of me, however he butted me in front of two of the people who were due to be seen before me. I felt that it was a little rude for him to do that to others who had been waiting before I arrived. When I got into to see Doctor Singh, he started to tell me that he had read through my medical file and found nothing wrong, for it took some time for the people at the Cole HarborFamily Center written. He also told me he didn’t know how to fill the form out. For an inguinal hernia for permanent disability, he said that they have Doctors there and he didn’t want them to laugh at him. He further stated that if it got to Court he would have to say it was a simple operation, not saying it would, and he didn’t want to lie about it. I told him that I could not lie about how I felt, I made a reference for I knew what was in and about the letters from Doctor Murdoch and Stewart and if Doctor Singh had read my information, he would have been aware of that. I explained that even though I do suffer from chronic pain and or entrapped nerves, but yet he also told me I don’t know enough about my condition history after telling me he read my files. He then said “I don’t need this problem”. I would also point out that he missed the point of the past conversations in which the Doctors from Shouldice had informed me that there was nothing that they could do for my other pain. In closing I feel he really didn’t listen to me. This has been on-going up until 2002. This is my medical history and one of the reasons I why have not been able to repay my student loan. The other is that I am not precludes me from putting into my loan.I decided yet again to change my Doctor and startedto see Dr Nicholson instead of Dr Singh, becauseI had lost confidence in him and I found him to be unprofessional.

2002I first contacted the College of Surgeons because I felt that I had a genuine grievance against my previous medical practitioners. I believe that there has been an element of negligence and discrimination in the way in which they have treated me. I requested the College of Surgeons to investigate my medical case. The matter has not been resolved to my satisfaction and correspondence with them is still ongoing.In January 2002, I first met my future wife in an Internet chat room. We struck up a friendship, exchanging telephone numbers and later on, I invited her to come to Canada for a vacation. She spent a three-week vacation with me, during which time our relationship grew closer, to the point where I made a proposal of marriage to her.

We were married on 21st September 2002 and I was aware that I had to inform my Social Worker of my change in status. I was unsure as to the procedures involved, so I contacted Kim Crowe, who is my present Social Worker. Since that time, she has been harrassing me and my wife. She has taken an aggressive, overbearing tone in our telephone conversations, demanding details of our alleged assets, yet when I have asked her for information, she has been evasive and vague in her manner. I would add that Ms Crowe has never taken the time to meet me in person and I feel that she is making her judgments upon me without ever having met me and without full possession of the factsrelating to my situation. I have now been informed that my Disability Allowance has been cut off andthat I will not be receiving any further payments. I consider this to be grossly unfair and discriminatory, since the decision was arrived at without taking our situation into proper consideration.Sub note please do not use the Names of the doctors 405 9976, there a reason why people have medical documents

By Rob Hodgson

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