Laura | Shoptalk | Halifax, Nova Scotia | THE COAST

Laura was one of those run through a red light to catch up with kind of fiiinds (which I did) and MAN OH MAN was she worth it. Aside from great fashion chats, we talked jobs, favorite blogs and really solidified our bond with our love for wearing men’s clothing. Laura is a student of web-design and also volunteers for Dress For Success (I caught her on way home from there). I LOVED her outfit. I think she looks sweet and prim and proper, but totally laid back and at ease with her bad-ass fashion self. Which —let’s be real here—is what we’re all going for. She DIES for fashion blogs and after a long time deciding how to make her foray into the fashion world she decided to do it via web design and after this past year of blogging—I’d say she’s on the right track.

Danna Storey writes and curates the youlookfiiine street style blog (

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