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Keeping up with Halifax’s changing city scape

The sky’s the limit now that the municipality’s centre plan package A has been approved. Here’s where you can keep up with the changes.

The Coast is rounding up the buildings and projects so you can know about them before they're towering over your backyard.

Ben's Bakery redevelopment
An eight-storey plus a penthouse mixed-use building with apartments and street-front businesses, townhouses and a six-storey Berkeley assisted-living residence are planned for the 10,000-square-metre lot between Quinpool Road, Pepperell, Preston and Shirley Streets. Previously home to Ben's Bakery, Danny Chedrawe's Westwood Developments also plans for a landscaped, publically-accessible pedestrian walkway, while highlighting the inclusion of balconies, increased vegetation and inner and outer community green spaces for residents. Since the development's first introduction in 2016, commentary surrounding the build has remained positive. However, some neighbours cite concern over traffic congestion and parking, while others expressed fear that the design and scale of the overall proposal is not sensitive to the neighbourhood's character and context. Finalized concepts to come. —Isabel Buckmaster

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Isabel Buckmaster

Isabel has been a freelance reporter with The Coast since 2020, covering a variety of topics including the environment, development, and other social issues. Before the Coast, Isabel worked at the Dalhousie Gazette as opinions editor and is going into their fourth year in journalism at the University of King’s...
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