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2010 grade: C+
2009 grade: C-
2008 grade: D
2007 grade: C+

North Dartmouth would be well-represented by one of those Highfield Park community activists the King’s College journalism class wrote about in a recent issue of The Coast. Or by a blue-collar working stiff with a mortgage on an Albro Lake Road bungalow and a bar tab at My Son’s Place. Or a Burnside wage slave forever stuck in a two-bedroom apartment in Wallace Heights. But no---North Dartmouth is represented by Jim Smith, the mumbling, aw-shucks Jim Smith, a nice enough guy, but pretty much of an empty suit, not terribly representative of North Dartmouth.

Smith is long on empathy, short on coherency, but he isn’t as bad as he appears. He went to bat for his constituents and pushed for council’s acceptance of the Bridge Terminal plan, even with its big cost overrun. And he makes repeated demands for more public input across the board with city projects. Well, it’s something.

How to improve: Just vote however Gloria McCluskey votes.

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