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It's the great Pumpkin Ale

Foggy Goggle hosts the annual return of Propeller's seasonal pumpkin ale.


Many of us are happy to trade summer's humidity for a bracing shot of autumn air. With leaves crunching under our favourite boots and hand-knit wool scarves wrapped around our necks, we march down Gottingen Street towards Propeller Brewery, in anticipation of their annual Pumpkin Ale. Brewed using Dill's famous Atlantic Giant Pumpkins and a special blend of spices, this seasonal, limited-run pale ale is the next best thing to gorging yourself on a giant slab of pie. For diehard fans, there's a launch party this Friday night at The Foggy Goggle, 1667 Argyle Street, starting at 7pm. Available in singles ($2.50), six-packs ($12.70) and growlers ($9 w/deposit) at the Propeller Brewery, 2015 Gottingen Street (422-7767), and bottles only at Premier Wine and Spirits, 1535 Dresden Row (435-6945), until the tap's dry.

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