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How to be a good neighbour

Get off my lawn, and other curmudgeonly advice.

Know when it's time to use your indoor voice

You're probably woo-ing louder than you think you are. Noise complaints are a serious thing in the off-campus world, so it pays to know your bylaws. Halifax's noise bylaw keeps it pretty simple, prohibiting "any activity that unreasonably disturbs or tends to disturb the peace and tranquillity of a neighbourhood". Translation: don't be a dick.

Between the hours of 9:30pm and 7am (Monday-Friday), 7pm and 8am (Saturdays) and 7pm to 9am (Sundays and holidays), high-volume "yelling, shouting, hooting, whistling or singing"—even if it's Rihanna at max volume and not you—can get you in shit if your neighbours are annoyed enough to call the cops. Think twice about how loud you are when you're: Inside, outside, leaving your house, coming home and walking through any residential zone late at night. Keep your woo to a dull roar.

Leave no trace

The best way to keep the party going is to clean up after your good times. Beer cans and cigarette butts on your lawn, sidewalk or surrounding lawns are not helping the "gross students" stereotype.

Don't be a garbage person

Other people's green bins are not your trash can. Don't throw bottles, McChicken wrappers and dog-poo bags in them unless you want enemies. Likewise, if your garbage bags get rejected by the city (see curbside pickup rules on page 38 to avoid this), don't leave them to collect rainwater/rot/look terrible on your front steps or lawn instead of dealing with them. This doesn't just affect your home, but nearby ones, because 1) this is a rodent-infested city, and 2) homeowners really care about what their houses look like.

Be a good pet owner

Do you have a dog, or mangy cat or two? Please be a good parent to that sweetie. Don't leave your barking dog unattended outside, or at home alone, for hours on end, don't let your animals roam (and shit) all over your neighbours' lawn, garden and driveway and dispose of all litter, poo-bags and other smelly pet-related things in a sanitary and smart way. You deserve all of the complaints if you are a lazy or inattentive owner.

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