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Heather Mallick speaks the truth

I am a big fan of this former Globe columnist. She writes for the CBC website now, and this week’s column about real-world and online communities is really powerful; in particular, this paragraph about open blog/newspaper/comment writing struck me: "The result of all this is not, I think, democracy. Why should everyone have a voice? They don't in daily life. There are some people you wouldn't sit next to on the bus. Online, clever and perhaps sensitive letter writers with an actual point to make are driven away by the ignorance and sheer hatred displayed by the other posters." (She no longer reads the letters posted about her own stories after "one online response to an abortion-rights column I wrote for another publication actually praised the child-torturer Dr. Josef Mengele of Auschwitz for not being as bad as doctors who perform abortions.")It would be great to prove Mallick wrong, wouldn't it?

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