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Halifax Transit wants to order 1,000 rubber ferry tub toys

Pilot project from HRM will sell squeak toys as promotional items.

Halifax Transit wants to order 1,000 rubber ferry tub toys
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I know what you're all getting for Christmas.

Bert and Ernie never sang about a “rubber ferry,” but there’s a possibility tourists visiting Halifax in the summer months may.

Halifax Transit is toying with idea of selling rubber ferry tub toys to residents and tourists that make regular use of the ferry. A standing offer from the municipality is looking for the supply and delivery of 1,000 of the bath-time accessories.

“The intent of this standing offer is to supply and deliver Ferry Tub Toys to Halifax Transit,” reads the request. “This is a new product promotion to be available for sale by Halifax Transit. The success of sales of this product will greatly depend on the use of this standing offer.”

 The squeak toys are to be in the shape of a harbour ferry, but only 3.25 inches long by two inches wide and “balanced for floating.”

Spokesperson Tiffany Chase says the initiative is in response to requests for more Halifax Transit promotional items.

The idea also isn’t set in stone, Chase says, and the first batch of ferry toys will be a pilot project for any additional orders.

The municipality must purchase a minimum order of 1,000 units; with an expected cost for individual toys floating around four or five dollars a piece. The program is cost-neutral, meaning any money generated from the sale of these toys will be put right back into the next purchase order.

Chase says whether the project continues depends heavily on sales. If no one wants any ferry tub toys, Halifax Transit will re-evaluate the distribution.

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