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Halifax street style: Kline Street

Scouring the streets for the city's most fashionable.

Halifax street style: Kline Street
photo by Meghan Tansey Whitton
Claude, Lydia and Clement, showing us all up

Name(s): Lydia, Claude and Clement Fulton
Age(s): 33, 4 and 2
Wearing: Lydia: Brogues, Church’s; Levi’s, Pro Skates; t-shirt, Gap; grandmother's handmade kimono; purse, Liberty of London; armband from Portobello Market; Claude: hat, shirt, suspenders, American Apparel; jeans, Gap; AKID sneakers; Clement: shirt and jeans, Gap; vintage Puma’s, Lost & Found; scarf, Club Monaco
Spotted: Kline Street

How much say do the kids have over their style?
I prefer to dress them in plain clothes without logos or characters, so I go out shopping on my own to choose things for them. They pick what to wear from the selections I've made.

What are you thinking about when picking things for them?
 I usually buy their clothes from the girls section because everything in the boys section is oversized and too busy. I like choosing plain things for them, it just looks smarter.

How do you put together an outfit for yourself in the morning?
I always wear black, I always have. But lately I've been saying that I wear black because I'm in mourning for London!

Are there any local stores that you've found some good pieces at?
I mostly shop for myself online, so I can access the stores from back home. But I do love Lost & Found on Agricola for vintage denims and scarves and Lil' Lou's in Lost & Found is wonderful for finding stuff for the boys.

Has your style changed or evolved since moving to NS from the UK?
Since moving here, my style has stayed the same but I buy fewer items and spend more on one piece, then wear it over and over. I'd rather buy one beautifully cut black dress and wear it daily, than four cheaper ones.

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