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Halifax’s coolest strip is a thriving mix of independent shops and boutiques (the only chains are bands and the province’s booze store), making Agricola the unofficial Main Street of the local Shop Local movement.

Finer Things Antiques
2797 Agricola Street, 456-1412
Proprietor Jack Craft “urges you to peruse your attic, basement, outbuildings cubby holes and crawl spaces” to “magically and instantly transform your finds into real cash.” Each room in Finer Things is overseen by a different dealer, making for maximum variety. Check out the 1960s and ’70s Danish modern teak furniture, adjacent to the swingin’ vinyl and 1970s stereo selection, next to 200-year-old tables and nautical gear.  And if you can’t find anything you’re looking for, it’s worth a visit to give a scratch to the shop pooch, the delightful and laidback French bulldog known as Louis.


Fresh Prints
2411 Agricola Street, 404-6468
The t-shirt outlet prints everything in the back room. They do screenprinting---no minimum number and can do anything within copyright---as well as heat transfers. The walls are lined with lots of cool and retro Marvel superhero stuff, as well as savvy and memorable original designs. Plus, they’re also home to the EC Lips local label.


Gus’ Pub
2605 Agricola Street, 423-7786
Everyone knows about the great music, the reasonably priced beverages. But do people know about the clams and chips ($8.75) or the Tex Mex burger ($5.50)?

Local Source Market
5783 Charles Street, 454-6014
It’s July, which should give you an idea of what’s going on at the market that lives and breathes Nova Scotian produce and prepared food: no-spray strawberries from two sources (the basket, from Hutton Family Farms, was $5). Lots of greens, including zucchini and asparagus. Raspberries coming this week. You might also consider trying their fruit berry tarts, jams and baked goods. And they’re a source of Dee Dee’s ice cream (if you can’t make it down to Dee Dee’s shop on Cornwallis), offering a selection of flavours including lavender, ginger lemon and banana cardamom. We asked about their mythical praline ice cream sandwiches but they were all out: The recent awesome weather makes them go like hotcakes. (Coldcakes?). 

MG for sale
$6,400, obo, 488-9938
Right across the street from Statement, next to Jack Nauss in the Carlo Auto Service lot, someone’s selling a gorgeous bright red MG. Perfect for driving on clear, sunny summer days. Just sayin.’


Obsolete Records
2454 Agricola Street, 407-7228
Fresh Prints recently produced the new Obsolete Records t-shirts, designed by former Sam the Record Man dude Chris Gibson, in order to celebrate the year anniversary of the north end record, CD and DVD outlet. They go for $19.99. Also hot at Obsolete at the moment is music by Bon Iver, Tyler the Creator, Fleet Foxes, as well as the DVD/Blu-Ray release of the ubiquitous Hobo with a Shotgun. Obsolete proprietor Ian Fraser reports that Hobo director Jason Eisener was the first customer to buy the movie from his store. He guesses Eisener just wanted to purchase a copy like anybody else. 

Port City Tattoo Studio 
2468 Agricola Street, 444-DOTS
“Who do you appreciate?” asks owner and tattoo artist Mike Chaulk, indicating the easiest way to remember the address of his business. Open for the better part of a year, the tattoo studio is located in a residential home on the street’s west side. Chaulk is currently the only artist in-house (though is looking for more, if you’re a tattoo artist), specializing in neo-traditional stuff, Americana, sailors’ tattoos, anchors, that kind of thing. 

2534 Agricola Street, 455-0442
The modern furniture store Statement has a lot going for it style-wise, though did you know they also do on-site consultations? It’s complimentary if you buy something. And get this: Statement works with suppliers who will customize their pieces. So if you visit the 3,000 square-foot showroom and find a table or chair you like, but its too big for your space, or the colour or fabric doesn’t work, it can be altered to suit you. Statement’s staff makes themselves available discuss your ideas with you, talk budget and take measurements, before making recommendations on new elements as well as on existing furniture. Hot. 

Turnstile Pottery Cooperative
2733 Agricola Street, 431-2529
The membership at Turnstile, nine artists, is at capacity, so they’re producing plenty. Check out the new line from Bread & Butter Pottery, on the shelves now---it includes shotglass cups, mugs and plates featuring kitty cat designs, eggs and bacon, running from $15 to $30. Or Christine Waugh’s Day of the Dead skull plates, from $50 to $150. Or if you’re nerdy like we are, pick up a Doctor Who salt-and-pepper shaker set. They’re Daleks, of course. “Exterminate! (...and gently season!!!)”

Westgate 31
2698 Agricola Street, 457-3131
The word co-owners Colin Blanchard and Ken McRobbie stress is “classic.” That’s the kind of style they’re offering in furniture designs and lighting, stressing that it’s a bit more masculine and tailored, hinting at traditional methods in the solid brass and polished nickel and the silhouettes of the lighting fixtures. They’re currently carrying a number of Ralph Lauren home accessories (fabrics, lighting) but will be having a launch party of sorts in the fall when they become on of the few Canadian headquarters of Ralph Lauren furniture. 


Artists’ Quarter Gallery 2594 Agricola, 404-3688
Belissimo! 2743 Agricola, 423-6014
Frame Plus Art 2705 Agricola, 455-9762
Geddes Furniture 2739 Agricola, 443-3337
McClellan Antiques and Restoration 2738 Agricola, 455-4545
Nelson and Co. 5881 Almon Street, 444-6050
Urban Home 5689 Cunard Street at Agricola, 463-1400

Bach’s Cafe 2622 Agricola, 455-4099
Cafe Aroma Latino 5780 North Street, 444-8398
Chez Tess Creperie 5687 Charles Street, 406-3133
Cousin’s Snack Bar 2389 Agricola, 422-2160
Grainery Food Cooperative 2385 Agricola, 446-3301
Fancy Lebanese Bakery 2573 Agricola
Mid-East Food Centre 2595 Agricola, 492-0958
Korca Pizza 2777 Agricola, 455-6565
Randy’s Pizza & Donair 2380 Agricola, 425-0260
Smith’s Bakery 2525 Agricola, 429-1393

Ashtanga Yoga Halifax 5781 Charles Street, ashtangayogahalifax.com
C&R Auto Supply 2513 Agricola, 423-7127
Chapman Autobody 2500 Agricola, 453-6676
DeMones Barber Shop 3078 Agricola, 444-3366
Fishing Fever 2858 Agricola, 454-2244
Foxy Moon Hair Gallery 2725 Agricola, 444-7675
FRED Salon, Cafe and Gallery 2606 Agricola, 423-5400
Jack Nauss Bicycle Shop 2533 Agricola, 429-0024
John Panter, Rolfing 2374 Agricola, 425-2612
Lost & Found Art Vintage Kitch 2383 Agricola, 446-5986
Outcast Ink 5682 North Street
Peak Audio 2813 Agricola Street, 455-7325
Roberts Street Social Centre 5684 Roberts Street, 446-1788

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