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Fresh Bread delivery returns

Jessica Ross back to baking and delivering by bike

Former Fancy Pantry & Breads baker Jessica Ross is back at it, except now she’s calling her operation Gold Island Bakery. Starting next Wednesday (March 30) she will be baking bread and delivering by bicycle on the peninsula, once again. If you’re interested in signing up for her summer baked good subscription service, now is the time. Additional to bread, you can receive Au Fond Des Bois NB Artisan Goat's Cheese, yogurt, preserves, butter and pies with your weekly bread delivery. Or if you are interested in testing out the membership or wanting to try the new recipes, consider trying a half-membership (bread every other week only).

All of the options and prices are available to look at here: If interested, you'll need to register before Monday, March 28.

Ross has started up baking again after a two-month long road trip across United States, a research trip to visit bakers and millers. “It was truly inspiring,” she writes in an email, detailing her new recipes and cultures. “I have been baking a lighter ‘Jewish rye,’ kamut sourdough loaves (both 100 percent kamut and a kamut-corn-rye bread), a true oatmeal bread (50 percent oats), and am working on cultivating a wheat sourdough starter in the tradition of Desem baking.”

This year she hoping to begin to build a bakery with a wood-fired oven on a piece of land she bought with a group of people in West Hants County.

“I look forward to feeding you new recipes and soon baking for you in a hearth oven.”

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