Free Comic Book Day Madness | Shoptalk | Halifax, Nova Scotia | THE COAST

Free Comic Book Day, the industry-wide, international promotion of comics, returns for another year, with plenty of opportunities for deals, as well as the requisite free comics from every major publisher. Quantam Frontier (3087 Robie Street, 446-8233) will have all that going on, as well as fundraising barbeque for Hal-Con (only 182 days left!!!) starting at noon. Also expect lots of people in costume, face-painting and an opportunity for getting information on the Global Gamers convention planned for August. Strange Adventures (5262 Sackville Street, 425-2140) has rented out St. David’s Hall (1537 Brunswick Street, with an entrance off Market) again to host the event, starting at noon this year instead of 10am. “Last year we ran out of comics at 2pm,” says SA manager Dave Howlett. "This year we want it to be more of an all-day event. We have the hall booked until 4.” There’s be local cartoonists doing drawings for the kids, as well as prizes, giveaways and as many free comics and you can fit into your bag, including a new Superman, Thor/Iron Man team-up and GI Joe. And at Monster Comic Lounge (2091 Gottingen Street, 429-2398) the word is “sale.” Aside from the free comics, expect 25 percent off across the board everything on display, with special discounts on graphic novels, brand new stuff to classic, up to 70 or 80 percent off.
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