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Fred Connors is running for mayor

Salon owner wants to take a little off the top.

Fred Connors is running for mayor
Fred Connors, Halifax's latest candidate for mayor, at his backyard chicken coop.
Fred Connors was an honoured guest at tonight's Courage to Give Back awards, where he was receiving the Family SOS Ambassador Award. But instead of just basking in glory, he used his turn at the podium to show what courageous giving back is all about by announcing he's running for mayor in the October 20 Halifax election. The Herald's Rick Conrad tweeted out the news from the Cunard Centre, but this was apparently not a spur-of-the-moment gesture from Connors, because a Fred Connors for Halifax Regional Municipality Tumblr page is already up.

That Tumblr describes Connors, owner of Agricola Street salon FRED. Beauty Food Art, as "a local success story; an entrepreneur with passion, involved with municipal government issues and active contributor to several community organizations." An extensive "Meet Fred" section fleshes out Connors' bio, although doesn't mention he's Halifax's reigning Best Hair Stylist, or his precedent-setting backyard chicken coop.

The Tumblr also invites questions from the public. So what do you want to Ask Fred Connors?

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