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Foxy Moon is feelin' green

Evyeneia Dexter's north end hair gallery is a Green Circle Salons member

Foxy Moon is feelin' green
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Foxy Moon's Evyeneia Dexter

“I've always been environmentally-minded, but I've chosen two careers in my life that have been pretty bad for the environment,” says Foxy Moon Hair Gallery’s (2725 Agricola Street) owner Evyeneia Dexter. Needless to say when she found out that Green Circle Salons was heading this way, she jumped on the opportunity to team up. The organization is focussed on helping North American salons get a bit greener by offering recycling services that keep hair, chemicals and containers out of our landfills and our water.

“We've always tried to waste as little as possible anyway, as much that’s in our power,” says Dexter, who also makes her own eco-friendly hair products. “They reached out to us in the summer to say they were expanding to the Maritimes and that was all we needed.”

While the thousands of pounds of hair clippings collected by Green Circle have been used in oil spill clean-ups, Dexter says properly disposing hair colour and perm solutions makes a major difference. “Excess chemicals is one of the big ones,” she says, adding that in most salons left over colour is washed down the drain. “It’s that or in it’s the garbage, and either waits somewhere it shouldn't be.”

The new initiatives that Foxy Moon is taking do come at a cost for the salon, but for customer it’ll only make the difference of an extra dollar per visit. That’s a small price to pay to ensure your new ‘do isn’t doing bad things to the planet.

“Our clients are just so excited, because now they're not being part of the problem that they never knew they were part of,” says Dexter. “I can honestly say we are 100 percent green in terms of of our recycling. We have basically no garbage left coming out of the salon.”

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