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Get schooled by this fashion student

Truly amazing jacket

Eman and I work out together at the same gym, which means we see each other about four early mornings a week. That also means that I have never seen her dressed without her lulus and her water bottle. Well, wasn't I in for a treat? When I saw Eman on the other side of the crosswalk I waited happily for that light to turn green and asked to take her photograph. Michael Kors—as you can tell by both her beautiful bag and I-wanna-steal-it beautiful jacket—is her favorite designer. Twenty two-year-old Eman is a fashion student at the Centre of Arts and Technology, likes to shop online and chooses beautifully printed scarves that go well with what she's chosen to wear that day. See you tomorrow morning, Eman!

Danna Storey writes and curates the Youlookfiiine street style blog (youlookfiiine.wordpress.com)

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