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Dear Carsten Knox,

Thanks for taking the time to review the DVD (C'est What by Chuck and Albert, "Bands on Film," February 15). We're always up for feedback and appreciate your compliments on the music and dance portions of our DVD and your suggestions on how to make the DVD and our live show stronger.

You are perceptive when you mention that the enjoyment of the comedy we performed that summer depended on being familiar with the regional idioms. When Al and I were approached to create a bilingual show in 2004, it was originally intended to be a one-summer deal geared to local themes and popular culture here on PEI. Since the original taping in 2005, a lot has changed (including the passing of an inspiring man, Steve Irwin) and our material has evolved along with these changes.

Your idea of subtitles is one we share. In fact, when we decided after that summer to begin a career as a duo, we added subtitles and additional footage to the DVD and had even gone so far as having French/English versions. After consultations with professionals both locally and internationally, who saw the bilingual nature of the show and its minimalist approach as unique, we decided to keep the DVD as it was originally taped—a bilingual show featuring fiddle-tunes, footwork and plenty of faux pas!

Reworked and unencumbered by the 2005 show's contractual need for it to be bilingual, our live show is now performed in French, English or bilingually—and has been nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award. We're proud to see our DVD up for an ECMA with the likes of Joel and JP. Hopefully we'll see you this weekend at one of our shows; you'll have absolutely no problem understanding what's going on—whatever your level of French.

By Chuck Arsenault

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