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Downtown Halifax is TOO underdeveloped?

Isn't it much better to push out all the creative types, small businesses and not-for-profit?

Save downtown Halifax! Send in the high rises! More Scotia Squares! More Aliant buildings! Lots more office towers---they add so much to the street life and block out those pesky bits of sidewalk where the sun still shines and the outdoor cafes flourish. And the wind tunnels they create...sublime.

Away with Historic Properties (it's OLD) and what's left of Victorian Barrington Street (it's so 19th century). And that view from Citadel Hill has to go---the developers need it to maximize profits.

Away with the older low-rise buildings: the lower-priced rental space they offer has been known to harbour that peculiar class of citizens that Richard Florida refers to as the Creative Classes, the artists, small business owners and not-for-profits. Sweep the whole lot uptown to Agricola and Gottingen Streets where they belong. The sooner the better., isn't that much better? Isn't this what being a world-class city is all about? Are we almost there? —Beverly W. Miller, Halifax

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