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District 23 - Gary Meade

Hammonds Plains - St. Margaret's

Gary Meade's just calling it in. If he shows up for meetings at all, he's late and leaves early. For the short while he's there, he's either reading magazines or eating, or he's part of an annoying private council chuckle club with Peter Kelly and Reg Rankin. He's spoken publicly perhaps five times over the last six months' worth of council meetings and even then he said nothing of note or importance, much less coherency.

Clearly, Meade's only in it for the paycheque. He's a disservice to his constituency, to his colleagues and to the public purse. He's a disgrace. The only good thing to say about him is he won't be running for re-election in October. The sooner he's off council, the better for everyone.

Grade: F Gary's Cell: 476-4123

WHAT WE SAID IN 2007 (No Grade given)

A city engineer for decades before becoming the councillor for Hammonds Plains – St. Margarets, Meade only joined council in the fall of 2006. Meade has called for a new high school in the Hammonds Plain region to preempt overcrowding at CP Allen and Sir John A. MacDonald. Soooo, good for him.

Remarks: Really, it’s a bit early to give Meade a grade. Gotta at least give the new kid time to settle in.

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