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District 13
(Northwest Arm - South End)

District Profile

Total Population, 2006 Census: 14,867

Ah, the Arm and the South End. Is it as tony as legend makes it out to be? As it would like to be? Let's cut to the chase and look at income stats. The average income in this district is $75,999; the median income is $53,204. Comparing the two, could one say a few people make a bundle while the rest earn a solid upper middle class professional salary? Similarly, the largest single income bracket people belong to here are amongst individuals who earn over $60,000 per year: 23% or 3,122 people. As for its workforce, 11% are managers; 15.9% travail in finance or business. Only 3% have a trade and 0.6% slog it out in a factory. 14.3% are self-employed and 83.5% are employees - mostly the university, government or health care (37.2%). 47% walk to work. 32% take their car, 9.7 take a bus and 42 people take a taxi! 58.1% of South Enders have some type of university degree, while only 3.1% have only a high school diploma. 36.3% of the population is married and 17.4% of these married families have 2 children. There are 400 single parent families (12%).

The student presence can be felt and affects the stats even if it does not show up at the polls. The most prevalent age group in the area - 29% - is between 20-29. Seniors account for 12.7% of the population. 51.2% are single, there is an 8.4% unemployment rate. 9.7% take the bus and 18.6% come from outside Nova Scotia. 53.9% of homes contain non-family households, 39.5% of private households have only one person in them and 33.8% have two. As for visible minorities, it's fairly diverse: 2.4% are Arab-West Asian, 2.4% are South Asian and 3% are Chinese.

So yeah, the south end is about as high end as this peninsula gets.

Source: Nova Scotia Community Counts website offers statistical profiles by HRM polling district.

Issue: Tax Reform

Average municipal tax comparison for single family homes

DistrictAverage Property 2009 (taxable)Current Tax (2007)Draft Tax Model (2007)Change in taxes
District 13 (Northwest Arm - South End)432,7003,3791,317-61.00%

Source: HRM. HRM Note: Amounts exclude Low Income Rebates. Final adjustments are not included to treat mobile homes as multi-unit; and for the 2009 changes in the Transit Tax structure. Not all area rates are included in the "Current Tax".

Current Councillor

Sue Uteck Read her report card.

Elections Data

2008 Results

Beverly W. Miller Profile
1,681 votes / 40.16%

Listen to Tim Bousquet's interview with Beverly

Sue Uteck
2,505 votes / 59.84%

Listen to Tim's interview with Sue.

Voter turnout: 36.36%

Tim's Take

"Beverly W. Miller, Sue Uteck. Uteck, the incumbent, has the family name and a strong history as councillor in her own right. Miller has worked in defending the Halifax Common from encroachment, and has spoken in favour of preservation efforts."

Read Bousquet's article, Peninsular Politics

2008 School Board elections

(District 5 - Hydrostone, Connaught, south end Halifax)

David Bentley
David Cameron, 50.58%
Laurel Taylor

2004 Results

Sue Uteck 3141 (62.45%)
Beverly Miller 1636 (32.52%)
John Davis 253 (5.03%)

Voter turnout: 47.03%

66.63% voted for Peter Kelly in 2004;
-36.01% Change in 2008 (but better than in 2000).
Only 24.65% did that in 2000.

2000 Results (I = incumbent)

(I) Sue Uteck - 2,751
Hugh Pullen - 1,537

1999 By-election

Sue Uteck 85.47%
Arthur (Art) Canning 14.06%

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