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Debbie Hum
Bianca Müller

2012 grade: C
2011 grade: C-
2010 grade: D-
2009 grade: D+
2008 grade: C+
2007 grade: C+

Debbie Hum has come a long way. Once incoherent, she now brings valued insight to council discussions. Once indecisive, she now knows where she stands. Once one to simply follow the lead of her friend Sue Uteck, she now shows an independent streak, and votes her own conscience.

Hum and Jennifer Watts were the only councillors to give the eviction of the Occupiers serious reflection. In Hum's case, she started reading blogs, studying the history of the movement and having deep discussions with friends and family members who are sympathetic to Occupy sensibilities. To her credit, Hum seems to get that there's something fundamentally wrong with our society. She's halfway there.

Unfortunately, Hum didn't make the connection between Occupy's social justice concerns and city policy. Just two months after the Occupy eviction, and after she spoke at length about how those with least are suffering the most, Hum voted to sell St. Pat's-Alexandra school, effectively pulling social supports out from under the most disenfranchised community in the city.

On other matters, Hum voted against censuring Kelly, and against moving Skye Halifax forward. Having a personal connection with the owner of a property considered for a stadium, she abstained.

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