Dear CBC brainiacs, | City | Halifax, Nova Scotia | THE COAST

I'm very confused by your programming changes. You've given up completely on the younger crowd (Oh right, you put Brave New Waves on Sirrius, we ALL have satellite radio)--"radio management is rebranding Radio an adult-oriented music service, targeting an audience over age 35. More than half of the current Radio Two audience is over 65, said Jane Chalmers, the vice-president of CBC English Radio." Fine, whatever, but who wins with more jazz? Jazz? That's the best all your studies can come up with?? Who did your polling--Bleeding Gums Murphy? My hip mom has never listened to jazz, or CBC Radio, for that matter. This isn't a diss against jazz, in fact, I like it myself, but if you think you can save a dinosaur with Diana Krall, you're kidding yourselves. Good luck!

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