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Amalgamation should be on the chopping block

The recent failure by HRM Council to bring in tax reform is another reason why amalgamation should be on the chopping block.

This council simply cannot work as a cohesive group of problem-solvers. The failure to make a simple decision over snow removal, the cat bylaw fiasco and the harbour cleanup are all examples how this arrangement is not working and will continue to destroy any hope of progress for this area.

Council should agree that the rural and urban centres have had separate agendas since amalgamation in 1996. Council should act on the wishes of the population where over 60 percent want amalgamation to alter its course.

Why should someone in Sheet Harbour have any input as to whether or not Halifax or Dartmouth get new sidewalks? This also applies in the reverse. We are simply too big of an area to govern under one roof.

A new Halifax municipality would include Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford, Sackville and Cole Harbour. The smaller areas could go on to form their own municipality.

The new government of Nova Scotia can change the present setup if this council shows the courage to do so. Saying it would cost too much money is ignoring the fact that HRM in its present structure is dysfunctional, and I urge others to prove otherwise. —Jim Hoskins, Halifax

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