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Day 8: Oland Export vs Sapporo and Mussels vs Olives

Will the local no-nonsense beer and seafood prevail, or have Haligonians gotten a taste for the foreign?

It's Day 8 and we're really hitting the comfort zone of beer and snack Nirvana. Just enough beer to be at social ease, but not so much for future embarrassment; just enough snacks to satisfy, not so much as to have awkward, er, emissions. What are we talking about? Here's a backgrounder, but the short of it is that, Inspired by the NCAA, and Jezebel we're going full March Madness with a duel between 16 beers and 16 bar snacks. But unlike that other March Madness, you, readers, get to play.

Before we get to today's contest, let's review yesterday's results. Despite the best cheerleading effort of two Coast staffers, ahem, readers went easily with home town favourite Keith's over Colt 45. Still, let's give Colt a pat on the back for giving it the old college try, and for keeping it close through the first half, anyway. On the food side, those slobs in the Coast production office were grossing people out with their egg roll slurping, but once again, readers went the more conventional route, giving Onion Rings a blow-out victory, with 75 percent of the vote to Egg Roll's 24 percent. Where's the other one percent? Seems one reader has already been ejected from the contest for, well, let's just say he's had a hard time handling his beer and snacks, and leave it at that.

Now, on to today's pairings. Again, we have Maritime favourites going up against foreign interlopers. One the beer side, is north end Hali homeboy Oland Export versus Japan's Sapporo. We don't think this one's even going to be close. Dudes walk into dive bars all over the peninsula asking for Vitamin O, and hug those little brown bottles with the red labels like they're the girlfriend they'll never have. But who knows? Maybe north end gentrification is bringing in a more respectable drinker, and you gotta admit, that suave Japanese beer sure goes down smooth. There's always room for an upset. That's why they play the game.

On the bar food side, sure, Mussles ain't exactly fished around here, and they ain't exactly fish either, but they're kinda like fish, and just slimy enough to be considered seafood. So, not a hometown thing, but we can relate, ya know? Is the connection fond enough for Haligonians, or will they go with hoity-toity Olives?

Let's see, a little greasy Maritime-like seafood-y grub washed down with some cheap Vitamin O, or do I have to go pick up some dry cleaning, comb my hair and drain the ATM in order to be seen by all the beautiful people while I'm delicately popping olives and sipping, pinky finger sticking out, from a glass? Hmmm.

Not that we're picking sides.

Voting closes first thing tomorrow (Tuesday) morning. If you'd like to be kept in the loop of our March Madness madness, click here for daily reminders.

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