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Day 5: Moosehead vs Corona and Chicken Wings vs Peanuts

A North American beer battle spills over to the carnivore-vegan contest.

It's Day 5 of March Madness, and Halifax is covered in a blanket of yuck. What better way to avoid the mess than to lose ourselves in beer and bar food, eh? If you have no idea what this is about, read here. Taking inspiration from the intensity of the NCAA, and the creativity of Jezebel we've created a tournament that has 16 beers and 16 bar snacks battling it out until, finally, the top brew will face-off against the most succulent snack. It's brilliant, right?

Before we get into today's pairings, let's have a look at yesterday's results. Hometown favourite tenth-seeded Bridge Farmhouse Ale clobbered seventh-seeded Stella Artois, with a whopping 87 percent of the vote. We're making no predictions, but it looks like Bridge might be a contender for the top spot! On the grub side, sliders comfortably defeated jalapeno poppers. We're thinking Hali just doesn't have the taste for the spicy.

Today, we've got a North American beer battle brewing, with Canada's Moosehead going pint-to-pint against Mexico's Corona. Will the local favourite once again prevail, or is this winter weather having people think about all things Mexico?

And how 'bout a little pollo with your cerveza? Or is that too meaty of a subject for you? On the bar grub side of things, we have a carnivore-vegan battle, with the favoured third-seeded Chicken Wings taking on fourteenth-seeded Peanuts.

Voting closes tomorrow, and if you'd like to be kept in the loop of our March Madness madness, click here for daily reminders.

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