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Dakini Silks & Things opening party

Recycled and vintage wear store opening in Spree Designer Market

Dakini Silks & Things (1528 Brunswick Street, 719-3105, 405-7497) is having its grand opening party this Friday, May 27, from 5-8pm at its new space inside Spree Designer Market, upstairs from Steve-O-Reno's Brunswick location.

The store is the new venture by Katherine Munro, who will be selling "recycled, vintage, reclaimed and hand made clothing and accessories," she says. "I am a silk painter so I love silks in particular but I carry a lot of clothing made from other high quality and natural fabrics."

One of her specialties, aside from lovely summer dresses, is halter tops that she makes out of old silk scarves sourced from garage sales, flea markets and Ebay. "I take the scarves and fold them and use scarf clips or brooches (and other things) to tie them into cute summer tops. They are adjustable so can fit many different body shapes and sizes. I am also cutting and sewing the scarves to make tops and skirts that have more coverage. Some scarves are too small to just fold and tie into blouses and need to be sewn together." Prices are in the $20 to $30 on most things, the halter tops are typically $19.95.

For more information, check out her website at dakini.ca.
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