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Costas Halavrezos: Spice Merchant

Former CBC broadcaster to sell spices at the Brewery Market

He was the familiar voice of Maritime Noon on CBC Radio One until his retirement in September. If you’ve been missing his dulcet voice or have a hankering for spice, head on down to the Brewery Market (also known as The Historic Halifax Farmers’ Market, 1496 Lower Water Street) on either (or both) of the next two Saturdays, December 11 and 18, where Costas Halavrezos will be engaging in his “first post-Maritime Noon venture,” selling a selection of spices, spice blends, spice and herb kits and cookbook/spice kit combos.

“For people who like to ‘grind their own,’ I'll have curries (Jamaican, Sri Lankan and Madras), blends (Satay, Creole, and Turkish kofte), masalas (Tandoori, Vindaloo), herbs (Provençal & Zaatar) and a wonderful variety of aromatic peppers (Chicken Hill from the Cardamom Mountains, Indian long pepper and wild pepper from Madagascar),” explains Halavrezos, who has sourced his spices from from the couple who run Épices de Cru (, a company based at the Jean-Talon Market in Montreal. “The bilingual cookbook/spice kit combos and spice kits (between four and eight different spices or blends) make perfect gifts for foodie friends. Or yourself.”

For those who can’t make it down to the market, Halavrezos will be taking orders at [email protected] for the next week or so.

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