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Clear bags, full bins, can’t lose

What’s changing in how Halifax will collect your garbage

What's changed?
In terms of garbage limits, almost nothing. Residential units still get a max of six garbage bags per collection cycle. Apartment buildings under six units get a four-bag limit. But starting August 1, almost all of those bags need to be clear.

What about my privacy?
Everyone will be allowed one dark garbage bag, or they can nest a single small opaque "privacy" bag in a clear garbage bag. Better yet, store clear bags in a garbage can (no loose waste) for privacy and to keep out the raccoons.

Why is this happening?
Halifax produces too much garbage, and we aren't doing a good enough job of source separation before the trash is put out to the curb. Clear bags have helped reduce waste in other parts of the province, like the Cape Breton Regional Municipality, which saw a 16 percent reduction in landfill garbage collected just six months after clear bags were implemented.

Any other changes?
Kraft paper bags are now the only bags acceptable for collecting excess leaf and yard waste (though small amounts can still go in the green bin). Boxboard (cereal boxes) will be accepted with paper for recycling, but can still be used for wet food waste.

What if I'm a wasteful jerk?
Aside from hurting the planet, you heartless monster? Your non-compliant clear garbage bag will be tagged with a rejection notice and left up to you to sort properly. Don't worry though, all the information on what gets thrown out where can helpfully be found at a

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