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Clayton Park restos buzz

Canton Garden, Mrs C's Healthy Food and a new location of Freeman’s

Folks living in Clayton Park and Fairview have more and more choices to fill their bellies these days. For those with a passion for dim sum, check out Canton Garden (30 Farnham Gate Road, 406-7788). It’s been open for more than a year and doing well, a bit of a local secret that needs to get out. Also, consider Mrs C’s Healthy Food (70 Lacewood Drive, 445-3057), for soup, sandwiches, chili and salads, all made from scratch on site. And also open now is a third location of Freeman’s, offering the same menu of burgers and pizza as the two other locations, called The Little New Yorker - Freeman’s Fairview (3671 Dutch Village Road, 445-5256), found in the former location of Dutchie’s Pub. Open 10am until midnight with free delivery until 5am, seven days a week to Fairview, Clayton Park, Mount St. Vincent and Bedford South (Delivery Hotline 455-7000). “The neighbourhood is under-serviced,” explains Freeman’s owner Laurel Harrington. “The community needs a restaurant/pub walking distance from their homes. Freeman's is locally owned, community-minded, and we feel Fairview is a great fit!”
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