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Chebucto Road widening violence

While I work on getting the signatures required for a formal complaint, I have some questions that I will ask until they are answered:

1.) Are HRM police officers authorized to bash an arrested person's head against a tree or driveway multiple times, after that person has 2 officers on top of them, has their hands pinned behind their back, has their face pressed into gravel, and is not moving?

2.) Are HRM officers authorized to arrest a citizen who is standing on a sidewalk, not in a tree cutting zone that is blocked off, and not blocking the movement of any vehicle? What is the charge for standing on a sidewalk, talking to no one, touching no one, and impeding nothing?

3.) Are HRM officers authorized to physically shove a standing citizen repeatedly and grab them if they have been asked to move and are moving where they have been told?

If HRM officers are authorized to arrest citizens with no visible cause and be physically violent with citizens when they are not violent themselves, can someone clarify for me the source of this authority?

I have witnessed all of the events listed above on Friday, July 4 on Chebucto Road. I have attached a photograph illustrating myself standing within inches of the officers and arrested protesters on the ground, I am the one wearing the yellow flowered skirt.

By Sarah Weston

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