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They’re calling it “The Last Shot of Espresso,” when Carlitos Café (6220 Quinpool Road) shuts down at the end of the day, Saturday, March 27. The most recent casualty in a rash of business closings, the popular Quinpool coffee shop saw five years of business on the well-travelled thoroughfare. However, all may not be lost: Owner Carlos Wong is in talks with his landlord who may be interested in purchasing the business outright and running it himself. Watch this space for the gathering foam of information as it runneth over our media cup.

Updated Wednesday, March 24, 12:10pm

We heard from Carlos Wong, who gave us a little more information on the circumstances of the closing of Carlitos. "Our lease is over at the end of this month," he explains, saying that the new lease had a rent increase too high for him to continue in business at this location. "A little bit drastic," is how he puts it. As for the possibility of the landlord buying the business, Wong is hopeful, but still waiting to hear.

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