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By the numbers: cars hitting pedestrians

Police analysis now public.

Because of the spate of pedestrian incidents---the Halifax Regional Police department has conducted an unprecedented review of all 74 pedestrian/vehicle accidents in HRM in 2013, up to the release of the report Tuesday. There was another such accident Wednesday morning, in Clayton Park.

Interestingly, only one of the 74 incidents occurred on a clear day. Nineteen were in the rain, 10 in the snow and 15 in fog.

Nearly half---33, or 45 percent---occurred on the peninsula, with 15 percent in the area north of Spring Garden Road, south of North Street and east of Robie Street. Another 10 percent occurred south of Spring Garden Road. Other high-incident areas include the Portland Estates area, at 11 percent, and Clayton Park/Bayers Lake at eight percent.

Nearly three-fourths of the incidents---55---occurred in marked crosswalks. One occurred in an unmarked crosswalk, seven were not at crosswalks and 11 were in parking lots.

Thirty of the incidents occurred at intersections. In nine of those, the car was going straight. In 11, the car was turning left, and in 10 the car was turning right.

Of the 74 drivers, 48, or 65 percent, were men, 24 were female and two did not self-identify as either male or female. Some of the incidents involved more than one pedestrian. Of the 77 pedestrians, 46, or 60 percent. were female, the rest male. The average age of the drivers was 47. The average age of the pedestrians was 39.

No tickets were issued in 31 of the incidents. In another 31 incidents, or 42 percent, the driver was ticketed. Pedestrians were ticketed seven times, while five incidents were classified as “other.”

Wednesday evening seems to be the most dangerous time for pedestrians. Eighteen of the incidents occurred on Wednesday, and almost half occurred between 4pm and midnight.

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