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Burning Ears for Monday

Who in the world is talking about Halifax (Jul.9/07)

This town's on fire today. We've got star harpist Loreena McKennitt, political rat Stephen Harper, international accolades, kids who won't eat their vegetables and more. Yes, by "more" I mean the requisite big boats mention. Full links apres jump.

from New Brunswick
Fans of New Age/Celtic music, rejoice! CanadaEast says piano-, accordion- and piano-playing singer/songwriter Loreena McKennitt will be coming to Halifax September 11 as part of "her first major Canadian tour since 1998." The show's at the Cohn, tickets are supposed to go on sale July 16. (story here) Fans of anything but New Age/Celt, go about your business!

from St. Catherines, Ontario
An editorial in today's St. Catherines Standard connects the dots between prime minister Stephen Harper and guys who act like complete assholes. And last week's federal cash announcement in Halifax help makes the connection.

Harper announced a $3.1-billion refit for Canada's Halifax frigates, starting in 2010. And while the prime minister said the announcement "has very important benefits for this province," Nova Scotia Premier Rodney MacDonald was not there to hear the good news.

MacDonald was not invited to the announcement, nor was he given details of the naval upgrades in advance.

But if the federal and provincial governments are to "get along," as Harper said, their leaders have to be able to talk to each other, even if they happen to disagree about important issues. And it's nonsense to suggest that a premier should be excluded from federal announcements in his province, especially one as important as the frigate refits. (story here)

Can we have an election already?

from New York
IgoUgo is an award-winning travel site, but today it's the one handing out honours as it "Unveils Ten Most Unexpected City Escapes for Family Travel." And you can probably guess where this is headed: Halifax made the list. The IgoUgo top ten was selected from "thousands of recommendations from real travelers" according to this press release, and those travellers enjoyed "mesmerizing crystal-blowing demonstrations" at Nova Scotian Crystal among other attractions in Halifax. Metro comes in at number seven on the list: above London, Duluth and Tucson; below Orlando, Provincetown, Quebec City, Amsterdam and Atlantic City. Atlantic City was actually number one, proving once again that kids love to gamble.

from London
In more news from the world of children, EarthTimes.org is reporting on a shocking study done by Dal researchers. Apparently kids would rather eat junk food than vegetables. Wha-huh? Can that be right?

A study of Canadian fifth-graders found they prefer larger portions of snacks and fast foods and smaller portions of vegetables than recommended. (story here)
It's hard to believe a kid would choose fries over spinach, but the internet says so, which means it must be true.

from Charlottetown
The Guardian newspaper has long been a prime example of saccharine Maritime whimsy with its slogan — "Covers Prince Edward Island like the dew" — but today's edition forsakes quaint to deliver a kick in the ball. It gleefully reports that Halifax's beloved Athens soccer team didn't fare so well on a visit to the Metro-sized province:

P.E.I.’s Velvet Underground handed Halifax Athens its first loss of the season Sunday in Nova Scotia EastLink Men’s Premiership soccer play.The 1-0 victory was a well deserved result and a solid performance by the Island side, says a team spokesperson. (story here)
"Solid performance" is one possibility, bribing the referee another. I guess we'll never know for sure.

from Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Seacoastonline says the Tall Ships' race started today at noon (Yankee time), due to end in Metro later this week. And sometime after that, the big boats will be long gone, leaving us to talk about something else. That time can't arrive soon enough.

See Halifax, send link.

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