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Brad Johns

District 14 (Middle/Upper Sackville - Beaver Bank - Lucasville)

2014 grade: C-
2013 grade: B+
2012 grade: C
2011 grade: B-
2010 grade: D
2009 grade: C
2008 grade: D
2007 grade: D
Cell: 476-1234

There’s not a lot to say about Brad Johns this year. He shows up, he pals around, he votes with the council supermajority, he goes home.

He annoyed us, though, when the “first reading” of the regional plan revision came before council. First readings are normally utterly non-controversial, and this one should have been no different. All the heavy work---the public consultations, the years of debate, the subcommittee of subcommittee meetings, the compromises and horse trading---had all been completed. The first reading is simply a formality, a notice that the issue will be debated and voted upon at the next meeting. But Johns objected to the first reading because a couple of suburban councillors weren’t at council that day. It makes no sense---those councillors wouldn’t be able to vote on the issue anyway.

We highly suspect that he is part of a secret plot to undermine the integrity of the plan.

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