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It’s rarely a good thing to leave a playing muttering “What the fuck?” and in the case of “Bone Jacked”, there was simply nothing else to say. Imagine Shakespeare memorized and spouted by a four-year-old. Nope. Scrap that. It would be obscene to hold Shakespeare and “Bone Jacked” in the same thought. Imagine the phone book recited by a four-year-old and you’ll get some idea of what it’s like to sit through a play where four Lycra-skirted babes in satin tops and sky-high heels spout utter nonsense while attempting not to smear their bright red lipstick. And honestly girls, I don’t hate you because you’re beautiful. I hate you because you made me waste so many precious moments of my life.

Show Time: Saturday, Sept 6 at 4pm at the Bus Stop. $7.

Kate Watson

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