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Starting May 1, Gottingen mainstay Bob and Lori’s Food Emporium (2179 Gottingen) will be in new hands---sort of. “I’m going to just be a landlord and collect the rent,” says owner Bob Trenaman who, after 15 years running the restaurant, is ready to take a break. “I’m 57 and...running a little low on energy,” he adds. Trenaman’s also been through a divorce; the Lori in the restaurant’s name is no longer a part of running the Emporium. The restaurant’s new managers will be current Emporium employees Stephen Fowler and Paul Rogers, as well as Carole LeBlanc and Eric Gunnels. All four have “loads of energy and some good ideas. Hopefully they’ll be able to expand the business, and make it grow,” says Trenaman. “It just seems like all the signs are pointing in a really great direction.” Learn more about the new management’s plans for Bob’s here soon, and drop Bob a line at 

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